GPS Widget supports what3words

GPS Widget supports what3words locations.
If you don’t know what what3words is, have a look at the following video which explains it very well:

3 words to address the world from what3words on Vimeo.

Tim from what3words made a video showing how to enable what3words in the GPS Widget (thanks!):

what3words in GPS Widget from what3words on Vimeo.

So, if you are interested in what3words, GPS Widget is a great place to start: get it from Google Play

AppTurbo: A big day for Scribble Racer

AppTurbo is the company behind the app ‘App of the Day’. The idea of ‘App of the Day’ is to make one app available for free to their users each day. On Android this works either by giving away promotion codes or by unlocking pro features for free which usually are unlocked via In-App Purchases on the day of promotion.
‘App of the Day’ is a win win for users and app developers. Users get their free app each day and developers get a lot of exposure for their app on the day of promotion.

About a month ago I was asked by AppTurbo if I would like to have ‘Scribble Racer’ promoted for one day within their app. I thought, why not? So I prepared my game and on March 8th there was the big day for Scribble Racer.

Today (three days after the promotion) I want to write about my experience with AppTurbo and give you some insights what impact the ‘App of the Day’ promotion had on Scribble Racer:

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Agent, Run! – A new Game is in Development

twitter_bannerTogether with Matthias Maschek from AgentDroid I’m working on a new game for Android and iOS called ‘Agent, Run!’. Sebastian Stadler helps us with the graphics.

Please check out ‘Agent, Run!’ and don’t forget to add yourself to the mailing list to be one of the first to know about the release of the game ;-)


Scribble Racer – New Level Pack

The newest update of Scribble Racer is available now!

The new level pack includes a space, a underwater and a jungle level. Beside different themes the level pack is full of new gameplay elements:

Space: surrounded by space shuttles, aliens, planets and satellites, there are new hazards on the track – players must now also keep an eye on black holes.

Jungle: monkey have a lot of fun swinging on limbs. They just don’t care about the fact that they are new obstacles for players.

Underwater: breathing air is key under water. Starting with 30 seconds of breathing air, collectable bubbles expand the length of survival under water.

Get it from Google Play