Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper

Time for a new wallpaper! Today I released “Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper” for Android. A simple Live Wallpaper showing a countdown in front of one of four predefined background images or a custom image from your gallery/SD Card.

Using this wallpaper prevents your from missing the end of the world predicted by the mayan calendar on December 21, 2012.

Download Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper.

Android Report #4

I havn’t done any new apps or updates in december. But it was still the month with the most downloads and income till now. The numbers are higher than in november because it’s the first month where all apps are available from the beginning of the month.

The GPS Widget is still my bestseller. The free version of the Battery Live Wallpaper has moderate download numbers and the Keyshaker has very few downloads. But surprisingly it sells better than the Battery Live Wallpaper Pro.


Apps in the Market: 7
Total installs (cumulative): 32563 (+13769)
Active installs: 13882 (+5220)

Apps with AdMob: 2
AdMob Impressions: 4864 (+3025)
AdMob CTR: 1.03% (+0.28%)

Apps with Tapjoy: 2
Tapjoy Sessions: 15628 (+4293)
Tapjoy Offerwall views: 7341 (+2726)
Clicks: 1189 (+645)
Conversions: 180 (+101)

Downloads distribution:

Income distribution:
I don’t want to disclose my income from android apps in numbers. But I want share the sources and their distribution with you: