GPS Widget Update

I released a new update for the GPS Widget with the following new features:

  • GPS satellite fix: now it’s possible to see how many satellites are available and how many of them are used for the GPS fix
  • higher accuracy: Latitude and Longitude are now displayed with 6 decimal digits instead of 4
  • option to remove ornaments in background: some users were disturbed by the ornaments in the background. They can now be removed in the settings.

The GPS Widget has something between 300 and 600 downloads per days. I want make use of cross promition to push my other apps. Therefore I added a ‘More’ button to the settings menu which leads to a list of all my apps.

I also added that ‘More’ button to my ‘Appocalypse Countdown Wallpaper‘ and to the free version of the ‘Battery Live Wallpaper‘.

I’m curious if this kind of cross promotion has a noticeable effect.