Scribble Racer is getting a sequel!

It’s now 4 years ago since I released Scribble Racer. It got a lot of updates and improvements during the years. For me, it was quite a success. Not the mega blockbuster, but with more than 450,000 downloads it was not that bad for a one-man indie game developer like me. Based on much feedback I got from you I now have new ideas how to make Scribble Racer even better. It’s time to create a sequel: Scribble Racer 2!

What’s new?

First of all I try to keep the cool things from the original Scribble Racer. It should be easy to pick up, great for kids but in normal and hard mode also challenging for everyone else. I also want to keep the quality of the music which suited very well IMHO.

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