Roaming Alert

It’s some time ago since I released my last app. So it’s time for a new one. My newest app is called ‘Roaming Alert’.

Roaming Alert warns the user with a visual overlay above all other content on screen when roaming is active. It’s extremly useful for people who are living near a country border and don’t want to make a call from a foreign mobile phone operator accidently.

The visual roaming notification is represented by a colored, flashing frame.

● colored frame – overlay above all your apps signals active roaming
● more conspicuous than the small ‘R’ symbol
● customizable border color
● customizable border width
● activate/deactivate flashing of the colored border
● customizable flashing frequence

Get it from Google Play!

Computer Graphics Related Work

I finally managed to create pages about my work related to computer graphics I have done the last few years. You can watch screenshots/videos or download executables.

Fractal Terrain

Julia & Mandelbrot Set

Advanced Volume Renderer

Gruppenzwang – Realtimegraphics Demo



Flow Visualization

Volume Visualization


Countdown Live Wallpaper

A new live wallpaper is out now! Yesterday I released my new ‘Countdown Live Wallpaper’. It’s similar to the Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper, but this time it’s more positive 🙂

Because anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy you can now define your personal countdown in the background of your homescreen for whatever you are waiting for.

Check out Countdown Live Wallpaper on Google Play!


GPS Widget Update

I released a new update for the GPS Widget with the following new features:

  • GPS satellite fix: now it’s possible to see how many satellites are available and how many of them are used for the GPS fix
  • higher accuracy: Latitude and Longitude are now displayed with 6 decimal digits instead of 4
  • option to remove ornaments in background: some users were disturbed by the ornaments in the background. They can now be removed in the settings.

The GPS Widget has something between 300 and 600 downloads per days. I want make use of cross promition to push my other apps. Therefore I added a ‘More’ button to the settings menu which leads to a list of all my apps.

I also added that ‘More’ button to my ‘Appocalypse Countdown Wallpaper‘ and to the free version of the ‘Battery Live Wallpaper‘.

I’m curious if this kind of cross promotion has a noticeable effect.

FriendFinder AR released

A few days ago I released my most ambitious app till now. It’s called “FriendFinder AR”. It’s an app to locate your friends like with Google Latitude. One advantage of “FriendFinder AR” compared to similar friend locator apps is that you do not have to sign up or login anywhere to use it.

It’s main feature is the Augmented Reality view. You can see your friends not only on a map but also through the camera of your device.

Locations are shared temporarily and only after granted permission.

There are two versions in the market. The free version is ad supported while the pro version comes without ads.

Android Report #5

Welcome again to my monthly android report!

In January I have published the new Apocalypse Live Wallpaper. Downloadrates of this wallpaper are quite ok. Hopfully they get better when the end is near 😉

Apart from that the downloadrates of my apps are quite steady. Nothing special, just a slightly increase. I did a lot of inhouse ad campaigns in admob this month. Therefore admob revenue is nearly null.


Apps in the Market: 8
Total installs (cumulative): 47167 (+14604)
Active installs: 18992 (+5110)

Apps with AdMob: 2
AdMob Impressions: 1590 (-3274) (I did a lot of inhouse advertising this month)
AdMob CTR: 0.75% (-0.28%)
Inhouse AdMob Impressions: 2331
Inhouse AdMob CTR: 2.19%

Apps with Tapjoy: 2
Tapjoy Sessions: 16233 (+605)
Tapjoy Offerwall views: 7328 (-13)
Clicks: 1080 (-109)
Conversions: 132 (-48)

Downloads distribution:


Income distribution:

Next steps

It’s time to improve my existing apps. I have a lot of ideas for all of my apps. If you have feature requests don’t hesitate to contact me!

It’s also time to create new apps. I nearly finished my most ambitious app till now. I have worked several month on it and in the next days I will release it. I don’t want to reveal more at the moment but I’m very curious if all the work will pay off.

I’m also not sure if I continue with this kind of android reports. Are you really interested in these numbers or is it just boring? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about it!

Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper

Time for a new wallpaper! Today I released “Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper” for Android. A simple Live Wallpaper showing a countdown in front of one of four predefined background images or a custom image from your gallery/SD Card.

Using this wallpaper prevents your from missing the end of the world predicted by the mayan calendar on December 21, 2012.

Download Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper.