Battery Live Wallpaper

As I mentioned in my last report I have a new app called “Battery Live Wallpaper” in the Android market. It’s a live wallpaper that indicates the battery status of the phone by either changing the saturation of the background image or its color. A custom image from the SD Card or the gallery can be selected as the source background image.

Currently the color gradient is predefined. Green indicates a completely charged battery, yellow means there are about 20% left and red stands for an empty battery. In the future I plan to allow customized color gradients.

When I developed the Battery Live Wallpaper I expected similar download rates as for the GPS Widget. But currently the rates are much lower. I try to optimze this in the next weeks by posting on some forums and blogs about it. I’m curious how this will improve download rates. If you know some good places to promote an app/wallpaper, please let me know by leaving a comment.

In the market I have two versions of the wallpaper. One free and a paid version. In the free version the option to select a custom image is locked but can be unlocked with Tapjoy.

You can download the free version here and the paid version here.

Android Report #3

Time for the monthly report. This month I developed two new apps. The “Keyshaker” and the “Battery Live Wallpaper”. I wrote about the “Keyshaker” in my last post and will write about the “Battery Live Wallpaper” in my next. I havn’t found the time to write about it till now… sorry. But as you can see in the downloads distribution graph below, both new apps arn’t very successful till now.

My most successful app is the “GPS Widget” at the moment. I added some new features during the last month to make it even more useful. It’s now possible to us different display/unit formats and the user can share his location with anyone else via sms or email. The new features are available in the pro version or by unlocking them via Tapjoy in the free GPS Widget. As a result I got more Tapjoy conversions and more downloads of the pro version. Simply hoping for people to donate by clicking on the Tapjoy offers, because they are nice, did not work. With some kind of reward this strategy seems to work.

Because of the GPS Widget I had more than 10000 downloads this month. For me that’s very cool 🙂


Apps in the Market: 7
Total installs (cumulative): 18663 (+11795)
Active installs: 8590 (+5535)

Apps with AdMob: 2
AdMob Impressions: 1839 (+334)
AdMob CTR: 0.75% (-0.25%)

Apps with Tapjoy: 2
Tapjoy Sessions: 11335
Tapjoy Offerwall views: 4615
Clicks: 544
Conversions: 79

Downloads distribution: