Advanced Volume Rendering

My advanced volume rendering software can be used to visualize volumetric datasets. It is an improvement of the program which Matthias Thöny and I developed for the Visualization LU. One of the additional features is a more complex calculation of the gradients to get a better look when the volume is rendered with the phong lighting model. Now the gradients are calculated with a Sobel kernel. Therefore instead of six neighbouring voxels twentysix neighbours get used to determine the gradient.

The boundingvolume is not just a box any more. The boundingvolume gets adapted to the dataset and the transferfunction. Object-Order Empty Space Skipping results in a better framerate.

Beside the phong lighting model deep shadowmaps are implemented to get nice volumetric shadows. The deep shadowmaps can also be combined with phong lighting.


  • Sobel gradients
  • Object-Order Empty Space Skipping
  • Deep Shadowmaps



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