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Are you a fan of outdoor sports like riding your mountainbike offroad or going hiking in the mountains? Then maybe ‘Sketch a Track’ is the right app for you.

featuregraphicWith ‘Sketch a Track’ you can easily plan your next hiking or bike tour. Simply draw a track on the map or import GPX tracks from all over the world. The track is analyzed by the app, the distance and an elevation chart is displayed.

shot4GPX is a commonly used file format to exchange GPS track data. You will find a lot of hiking or mountain bike tours in this format on the internet

‘Sketch a Track’ is an easy to use GPX creator. You can create your own GPX files to share them with others.

Tracks can be imported, exported, drawn, erased or explored. Exploring means that you can move across the track and the corresponding location is marked in the elevation chart.

Also your location is displayed on the map as well as on the elevation chart when you are close enough (within a radius of 100 meters/330 ft) to the track. Imperial as well as metric systems are supported.
A track can consist of several segments. A new segment can be started by pressing the S Pen side button while hovering on the screen.

‘Sketch a Track’ is optimized for devices with an S Pen, but also a great tool on other devices.

Get ‘Sketch a Track’ on your Android device: Google Play

You have a Samsung Gear? Then also have a look at ‘Sketch a Track for Gear’! You find it in your Samsung Gear Manager.challengeshot2

4 thoughts on “Sketch a Track

  1. Funktioniert Sketch a Track for gear auch auf der gear s oder ist eine Version dafür geplant?

  2. Is there a possibility to store the maps offline?
    Especially considering the Gear support, this might be a great thing!

  3. Hi,
    This is Jordi from Spain. I use a lot your great App on my gear 2. I just change to gear S2 and had the dissapointment that Sketch a track doesn’t work on it. Are you planning to update it?

    Thank you so much and congrats for the App.

  4. Hello Wolfgang,

    I purchased your app last week, its great. I was indeed looking for an app that not only tracks your movements during a trip, but also works easily while planning at home.

    Feature request: being able to display multiple routes at once. In this way I would be able to draw multi-day trips as a series single-day routes.

    Best regards,

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