One Year and 155,000 Downloads later

One year ago I wrote the first posting on my blog. I had two apps (actually one... paid and free version) in the Android Market (now Google Play) with a total of 2367 downloads. Today I have thirteen apps on Google Play (actually ten... paid and free) with more than 155,000 downloads. Assuming the same growth rate for the next year I should have 9,500,000 downloads next year (I hope I can refer to this one next year and can say "I was just joking but ... " 😉 ) Continue reading

Scribble Racer

For everyone with a Galaxy Note I released a new game. It's called "Scribble Racer" and makes use of the S Pen. The rules are quite easy: there's a track and the pen must stay inside of this track while it's scrolling down and getting faster with time. There are some fruits and stars to collect and a leaderboard to compare your score with other players around the world. Get it from Google Play!