AppTurbo: A big day for Scribble Racer

AppTurbo is the company behind the app ‘App of the Day’. The idea of ‘App of the Day’ is to make one app available for free to their users each day. On Android this works either by giving away promotion codes or by unlocking pro features for free which usually are unlocked via In-App Purchases on the day of promotion.
‘App of the Day’ is a win win for users and app developers. Users get their free app each day and developers get a lot of exposure for their app on the day of promotion.

About a month ago I was asked by AppTurbo if I would like to have ‘Scribble Racer’ promoted for one day within their app. I thought, why not? So I prepared my game and on March 8th there was the big day for Scribble Racer.

Today (three days after the promotion) I want to write about my experience with AppTurbo and give you some insights what impact the ‘App of the Day’ promotion had on Scribble Racer:

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