AppTurbo: A big day for Scribble Racer

AppTurbo is the company behind the app ‘App of the Day’. The idea of ‘App of the Day’ is to make one app available for free to their users each day. On Android this works either by giving away promotion codes or by unlocking pro features for free which usually are unlocked via In-App Purchases on the day of promotion.
‘App of the Day’ is a win win for users and app developers. Users get their free app each day and developers get a lot of exposure for their app on the day of promotion.

About a month ago I was asked by AppTurbo if I would like to have ‘Scribble Racer’ promoted for one day within their app. I thought, why not? So I prepared my game and on March 8th there was the big day for Scribble Racer.

Today (three days after the promotion) I want to write about my experience with AppTurbo and give you some insights what impact the ‘App of the Day’ promotion had on Scribble Racer:

Google Analytics – Realtime Tracking

On the day of promotion I was very curious how it will perform and I was monitoring Google Analytics realtime tracking a lot. On a usually day there were about 5 – 15 people playing ‘Scribble Racer’ at the same time. But on the day of promotion Google Analytics realtime tracking showed me that there were more than 2680 people playing ‘Scribble Racer’ simultaneously. That was quite impressive. While I’m writing this there are still about 150 people playing my game right now.


Usually ‘Scribble Racer’ had an average of about 150 – 200 downloads a day. On the promotion day my game was downloaded about 90,000 times on one single day!

Of course it’s just a peak and the downloads drop quite fast. One day after the promotion I had about 7,600 downloads and the second day after I had 3,000 downloads.

Active Installs

Today ‘Scribble Racer’ has still more than 95,000 active installs (it had 21,000 active installs the day before the promotion) which means there are still more then 70,000 installs active coming from the promotion.


‘Scribble Racer’ was not listed in any top lists the day before the promotion. Today shows that the game reached some good positions especially in the ‘Arcade & Action’ category but also in the ‘Games’ and even in the ‘Overall’ categories. I hope I can retain this positions for some time.

Facebook Fans

On Facebook ‘Scribble Racer’ had about 650 likes the day before the promotion. Today it has 1,143 fans. This are 493 new fans within three days:


But such a huge exposure to the mass also has it’s downside. A lot of people downloaded the game just because it’s free and not because they really were looking for a game like that. This means there are a lot of people who are not really interested in it and will leave a 1-star rating. I also got a lot of positive feedback (most of the comments were 5-star ratings, bad ratings did barely write comments) but the average rating dropped from 4.12 to 3.76 till now. I hope it doesn’t drop much more. (BTW: please help me to improve the ratings again by giving ‘Scribble Racer’ 5-stars now ;-))


All in all I can highly recommend to work together with AppTurbo. The exposure is amazing! If you get the opportunity to promote your app through ‘App of the Day’, do it!

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