Android Report #2

It’s time for my second Android Report. As you may have seen I published a new App, the GPS Widget. Because there is a free version an a paid version, I now have 4 apps in the market.

The number of downloads of the GPS Widget are higher than I expected. More than 4000 downloads in less than 3 weeks. It was just a small weekend-project I made because I missed something similar on my phone and now it seems other people need such a Widget as well.

Instead of ordinary AdMob ads I tried to monetize the GPS Widget using TapJoy. I added a button where the user can indirectly donate by downloading another app from TapJoy for example. The user then gets some Good Karma Points and hopefully a good feeling in return.
As I see from my Tapjoy stats a lot of people click on the donation button (about 30% of the users who open the settings view want to know what’s behind the button). A few of them even click on an item on the offerwall. But then, most of the users (or should I say: ALL except 2 + 2timesMe) abort the process  → my free donation strategy does not work.

So here are the stats of the last month:


Apps in the Market: 4
Total installs (cumulative): 6868 (+4491)
Active installs: 3055 (+2521)

Apps with AdMob: 1
AdMob Impressions: 1505 (+786)
AdMob CTR: 1.00% (-1.23%)

Apps with Tapjoy: 1
Tapjoy Sessions: 3104
Tapjoy Offerwall views: 931
Tapjoy CTR: 5.6%
Tapjoy CVR: 7.7%

Downloads distribution:

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