Android Report #5

Welcome again to my monthly android report!

In January I have published the new Apocalypse Live Wallpaper. Downloadrates of this wallpaper are quite ok. Hopfully they get better when the end is near ­čśë

Apart from that the downloadrates of my apps are quite steady. Nothing special, just a slightly increase. I did a lot of inhouse ad campaigns in admob this month. Therefore admob revenue is nearly null.


Apps in the Market: 8
Total installs (cumulative): 47167 (+14604)
Active installs: 18992 (+5110)

Apps with AdMob: 2
AdMob Impressions: 1590 (-3274) (I did a lot of inhouse advertising this month)
AdMob CTR: 0.75% (-0.28%)
Inhouse AdMob Impressions: 2331
Inhouse AdMob CTR: 2.19%

Apps with Tapjoy: 2
Tapjoy Sessions: 16233 (+605)
Tapjoy Offerwall views: 7328 (-13)
Clicks: 1080 (-109)
Conversions: 132 (-48)

Downloads distribution:


Income distribution:

Next steps

It’s time to improve my existing apps. I have a lot of ideas for all of my apps. If you have feature requests don’t hesitate to contact me!

It’s also time to create new apps. I nearly finished my most ambitious app till now. I have worked several month on it and in the next days I will release it. I don’t want to reveal more at the moment but I’m very curious if all the work will pay off.

I’m also not sure if I continue with this kind of android reports. Are you really interested in these numbers or is it just boring? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about it!

3 thoughts on “Android Report #5

  1. Hi, Wolfgang.

    I definitely like to see income reports from other developers.

    I even publish my own reports on my blog.

    Maybe I miss understood something but you didn’t show the money just stats.

    I think that it’

  2. Ops. I’ve clicked on post comment button by mistake.

    As I was saying, I think that it’s important to show how much money we are making so other developers can have a better notion on how well they’re doing.


    • Hi Marcio,

      your are right, I do not write how much money I make with my Android apps. I know, it’s the most interesting part of Android Reports. But somehow I think it’s too private to reveal my income to the public.


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